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Support at Coleg Gwent

There are many ways in which the college offers support to its learners across all courses and campuses. These include Inspire2Achieve, Weekly tutorials with a personal tutor, Libraries with knowledgeable staff, Accessibility software, Exam Access Arrangements, Quiet spaces, ALN Team across the college, Maths and English support.

Learner Support

Coleg Gwent is committed to supporting its learners throughout their transition process and once they have enrolled.

We’re here to help everyone learn and be the best they can be at Coleg Gwent. So, we offer a wide variety of universal support services for all learners including:

  • Support Hub
  • Weekly tutorials with a personal tutor
  • Libraries with knowledgeable staff
  • Accessibility software
  • Exam Access Arrangements
  • Quiet spaces
  • ALN Teams
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Additional Learning Needs (ALN)

The college provides an array of universal support to help everyone learn and be the best they can be at Coleg Gwent.  However we are equally committed to supporting those learners whose needs cannot be met by the universal support provided.

The college has a dedicated ALN team who are there to ensure that all learning needs are met as well as supporting all learners to transition smoothly from school to college.

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CG Support
Tutor with learner

Help at every campus

The support hub at Coleg Gwent is currently known as CG Support. The team at CG Support are on hand to support learners with all aspects of academic and college life. Pop in for a chat to see what support they can offer.

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Assistive Technology
Learner using computer

Coleg Gwent is dedicated to helping the learner to develop their skills and knowledge as well as feel supported and confident throughout their time in college.

We are continually developing our use of Assistive Technology at the college and looking at ways that we can improve the learning experience.

All student computers are equipped with accessibility software, including:

  • Vu-Bar – an on-screen, slotted ruler that’s useful for dyslexic learners who skip lines or drop from one line to the next when reading.
  • Thunder Screenreader – to help learners who are blind or partially-sighted to use a computer where the display is optimized for easy accessibility.
  • ssOverlay – a coloured overlay for the screen where the colour and transparency levels can be adjusted to suit the learner.
  • Balabolka – a Text-To-Speech program where you can copy and paste text into Balabolka and it will read the text back to you.
  • Microsoft Immersive Reader – text to speech assistive technology, available in Word, Teams and One Note, and coming soon in PowerPoint.
  • EdTech apps such as Canvas & Wakelet – look out for the Immersive Reader icon.
  • Access assistive technology eBooks through the Learner Portal – ‘How To’ and ‘Information’ dashboards.  eBooks have a ‘Read to me’ function.
Transition Support

Moving from school to college, changing courses within college or moving from one campus to another can be daunting and increase anxiety levels.

Transition support is available to all learners with open events and taster days taking place throughout the year. At Coleg Gwent we also provide bespoke transition support in order to help each and every learner to have a smooth and stress-free transition.

For any learners who may have Additional Learning Needs we urge you to get in touch with one of the ALN team so that we can chat to you before you arrive.

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Applying and Enrolling at Coleg Gwent

Becoming a student at Coleg Gwent is a straightforward process for both learners and anyone supporting a learner.

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External Advice and Guidance

Coleg Gwent works in collaboration with many organisations to provide the best support possible to our learners.

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